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5 Fun Facts You Should Know About Bubble Tea in New York City & New Jersey

If you haven't tried or heard of Bubble Tea, you'll definitely want to go the nearest Gong Cha tea shops in New York City and/or New Jersey after you read these fun facts about Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea in New York City and in New Jersey is perhaps, the healthiest Boba Tea you’ll ever have. You can thank Gong Cha bubble Bubble Tea shops for this. Gong Cha tea shops only serve Bubble Tea that is completely healthy. Boba Tea at Gong Cha tea shops in New York City and New Jersey are made with only organic and fresh ingredients, which will make your Boba Tea super healthy and delicious. Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops pride themselves in serving their customers with healthy versions of Bubble Tea/ Boba, as they utilize organic milk, homemade syrups and the likes... You can rest assured that when you get a Bubble Tea at Gong Cha New York City or in New Jersey that you’ll be having a really yummy, fun and super refreshing beverage, which is truly authentic! Listed below you will find 5 fun facts about Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey: 1. Origin of Bubble Tea and/or Boba Tea. Bubble Tea or Boba Tea originates from Taiwan. However, a popular story about how Bubble Tea goes like this: A woman named Ms. Lin Hsiu, who worked in a tea stand in the 1980's in a tea shop in Taiwan was feeling a bit bored during one of her breaks and in search of entertainment she dumped her Taiwanese dessert called "Fen Yaun" and her sweet tapioca pudding right into her Assam ice tea and she drank it. It was delicious! In fact, it was so good, that it was added to the menu! Later, it became the franchise's top selling drink! Soon after other tea shops and/or houses saw the success of this spontaneously created drink and they began adding tapioca pearls and an assortment of fruit flavors to their ice teas. As we know it - that's how Bubble Tea came to be… 2. Bubble Tea is Trending! As you may or may not know, the popularity of Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey is over the top! Today, you can find Bubble Tea shops all over the streets of Taiwan. Popularity has increased so much that it has spread onto the streets of China and South Korea. Furthermore, in the states, Bubble Tea is also blowing up as it's a pretty big deal in cities like New York City and in New Jersey. However, to the majority of Westerners - Bubble Tea is yet to be discovered, but growing in popularity, nonetheless… There are approximately 800 Boba/Bubble Tea shops in The United States, mainly in New York City and New Jersey. Other Boba Tea shops have been spotted in more than 30 other countries. 3. Tapioca Balls and/or Pearls Come in Different Colors. To be completely clear - Tapioca balls and/or Tapioca pearls in Bubble Tea can either be white or white-ish and also, come in dark brown. These pearls are made from cassava root. The whiter the pearls the purer the cassava root was… The brownish or darker pearls are mixed in with brown sugar so that the tapioca pearls can have a more distinctive look and appearance. 4. Adults Drinking Bubble Tea?!? Yes, adults do in fact drink Bubble Tea. We can see how the name can be misleading and people may assume that Bubble Tea was made for kids or young adults. The fact is, that Bubble Tea first became a sensation with school children in Taiwan. But, Bubble Tea is certainly not only for kids. Bubble Tea is like any other typical ice tea. However, when you drink Bubble Tea, you're going to have a lot more fun! Back in 2008, a bar was spiking up Bubble Tea. Now… Is that creative or what? Sadly, this bar in New York City is now closed. Thankfully, there are many Bubble Tea shops in New York City and in New Jersey that serve healthy Bubble Tea beverages. Look into Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops in New York City and in New Jersey. 5. The Many Names of Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is just one of the many popular names for this very fun drink. However, Bubble Tea has an array of names that people call this beverage in popular culture. Some of these names include: Tapioca Tea Momi Milk Tea Boba Nai Chai Milk Tea, Boba Tea, Pearl Tea and a bunch of other names! Either way, feel free to call it what you like... As you can see, there are plenty of names to choose from and they’re all acceptable and understood in the industry. Again, if you haven't tried Bubble Tea, maybe it is time that you do… Bubble Tea is a delicious drink, that's also, a lot of fun to drink! Best of all, you can totally customize your Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey tea shops. From the tea flavor of your choice to the amount of sugar you would like added to your Boba Tea. Furthermore, you can order your Bubble Tea in New York City or New Jersey Tea shops with either tapioca pearls or jelly. Head out and find the nearest Gong Cha tea shops in New York City and in New Jersey and order your first Bubble Tea. You won’t be sorry! Bubble Tea at Gong Cha tea shops in New York City and/or New Jersey are the healthiest yet flavor filled Boba Teas that you can possibly get your hands on.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on April 20, 2018