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Best Chinese Buns To Pair With Bubble Tea

As a fan of bubble tea in Austin, Texas, do you enjoy sipping bubble tea during a hot summer afternoon?

Or even a cold winter morning. Nothing feels pleasant than sipping boba in the cold. Do you also love to eat those Chinese baked foods? You know yummy treats like BBQ pork buns or the egg tart?

If you can relate to any of these, then you're lucky. We're going to discuss the sweet Chinese buns you can blend with bubble tea.

There are tons of things to learn so grab your cup of boba, take a sip and read along.

Pineapple Bun

We're kick-starting this list with one of the famously known Hong Kong sweet bun, called the pineapple bun. Have you tried this Chinese bun before? If not, your foodie life is missing a lot. Generally, these Chinese buns are available at Chinese bakeries in the United States. Every bite comes with a yummy crusted topping and a fluffy middle. Just take these bites while enjoying a sip of your boba tea.

Sponge Cakes

These Chinese sponge cakes are also one of the most delicious baked desserts burn around. We found it addicting, especially with its elegant and fluffiness taste. You can find these cakes in two different sizes. First, are the tiny ones, and another is the much larger sponge cakes.

Both sizes are great, but we'll recommend opting for the smaller ones to pair with your bubble tea. Plus your kids will love the tiny ones too.

Chinese Egg Tarts

We don't have much to say about these because most lovers of the best bubble tea in Texas and other states know precisely what Chinese egg tarts are. But, if not, we'll throw some lights on these yummy treats.

They are little pastries with its middle having a sweet egg custard.

These treats are available in Chinese bakeries. You'll love the taste when paired with your tapioca pearl.

Hot Dog Bun

Another classic bun to pair with your boba, we also don't have much to say on this one. They are your regular hot dog in the middle of Chinese bun.

The hot dog tastes exactly how you think it would. It doesn't feel any different from your regular Weiner. However, the bun comes with a unique taste. It is fluffy, Sheen (thanks to the butter included), and also sweet. Pairing this bun with a cold bubble tea strikes a balance between sweet and savory. You'll love this!

Taro Buns

Seeing "Taro", we understand what you might be thinking, but that's not true. Taro bun is not the milky or very sweet Taro milk tea.

The sweetness is dull! One thing particulate about Chinese culture is that they don't have the passion for overly sweet foods; instead, they prefer a well-balanced diet.

The taro bun, which is made from taro root is soft outside and contains custard or taro paste.

Pair the delicious taro bun with your taro bubble and have a Taro fun!

By Priya Navani

Posted on December 9, 2019