Boba and Bubble Tea - Gong Cha USA

The Best Tea Franchise in the USA has Delicious & a Fascinating Collection of Tea Series

It comes to no surprise that the best tea franchise in the USA, happens to be - Gong Cha USA Franchise. These folks have dedicated their lives to bringing the best Boba Tea drinks to not only the USA, but to approximately 15 other countries. This alone speaks volumes of the Gong Cha USA Franchise.

Not only has Gong Cha brought the delicious, Taiwanese drink to all these countries, but it has done it in a fashion that’s highly respectable and admirable. Gong Cha has the most delicious and fascinating collection of tea series, which allows customers to have a grand variety of Boba Tea beverages to choose from.

Below you’ll find some of their most popular tea series, which are available in all their tea shops in the USA and in other countries:

● Brewed Tea Series

● Coffee Series

● Hot & Spicy Series

● Creative Mix Series

● Mustache Series

● Oreo Series

● Panda Series

● Slushes

● Yogurt Series

The majority of the Boba Drinks in all these different series, could be either be served cold or hot. Which brings me to another point and reason why Gong Cha is the top tea franchise in the industry. When you visit a Gong Cha tea shop, you’re not only going to be greeted and served by a professional and friendly staff, but they’re going to give you the best service possible by allowing you to get creative with your Boba drink and get exactly what you’ve been craving.

Furthermore, all Bubble Tea drinks at Gong Cha tea shops are made with freshly brewed teas and freshly cooked Tapioca Pearls, which further enhances the great taste of Bubble Tea beverages. In addition, all other ingredients utilized on Boba Tea drinks in Gong Cha tea houses are all of high end quality, which is one more way that they ensure that all their customers are served with the most delicious Bubble Tea drink than from any other tea franchise.

Lastly, another factor that continues to keep Gong Cha USA Franchise leading from all other tea franchises, is that every month or so, they come up with a new, delicious tea series. People who already love Gong Cha Bubble Tea - always want to try out new tea series, as they know that they’re going to be new, fun and delicious drinks to share with friends, family and other loved ones!

By Priya Navani

Posted on January 17, 2019