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Bubble Tea In Boston

You've seen it and heard of it! But did you try the best bubble tea in Boston yet?

Boston has two categories of people: people crazy about the latest Starbuck edition, and those crazy about the newest bubble tea flavor. We fall into the latter category. Feel free to call it an addiction.

But first, what's bubble tea? It is a tea-based Taiwanese drink with different flavors and a tapioca pearl. Bubble tea ranges from milk teas to fruity tea, expanding into smoothies, slushies, and juices. And what are the chewy balls? They are called the Tapioca pearls, an extract of starch found in cassava roots.

Bubble tea shops like Gong cha spice up their drink by switching from the tapioca Pearl into popping pearls or fruit jelly. These add-ons, once you pop them in your mouth, explode with your drink.

While bubble tea (also called tapioca tea, boba, etc.) may look seemingly different from your regular Starbuck green tea order, we bet it's amazingly delicious.

Today, boba is available in almost any imaginable flavor. In other words, there's always a flavor for everyone.

Are you a first-timer looking for the best bubble tea in Boston? Check out the following drinks and flavor combo:

The Original Milk Tea

Milk tea is popular in Boston, not for the wrong reasons. This drink is the origin of bubble tea. Milk tea is delicious, and blended milk, black tea, and sugar.

This is definitely for you if you prioritise a creamy drink over the refreshment part.

Apart from the richness, the drink is savory and mouth-watering every time. Many bubble tea shops offer milk tea both in warm and iced form.

Don't like black tea? These shops also have a different variety of milk tea, including jasmine milk tea and green milk tea.


Do you gravitate towards mango flavors?

We bet you'll love the mango flavored bubble tea. Bubble tea shops in Boston offers the mango flavor in different ways, including the mango slush, mango tea, mango smoothie, etc.

Enjoy the sweet and refreshing mango bubble tea during the summer month! They taste super fresh and feel like eating the juicy mango.


Looking for an excellent mix of sweet and savory? Check out honeydew! This tea is somehow refreshing and mouth-watering in just a sip. Honeydew is your perfect choice if you want something fruity with less sweetness.


Here comes another fruity option for your enjoyment. Apple is an excellent choice for those who love drinks with a sweet and sour taste. You can try the apple flavor in slush or tea form. They are delicious.

Lemon Tea

We're explicitly presenting this tea to skeptics outside there, who don't believe in the superiority of the best bubble tea in Boston. Lemon tea is a perfect choice for newbie as it is a universally loved flavor. You're going to love this flavor!

For Boston residence, we'll recommend visiting a Gong Cha store for your next bubble tea. Gong Cha others their flavors in slush and tea form. They also offer an extensive lemon-flavoured drink menu, along with other tons of flavors. Now it is time to go and try these drinks and flavors!

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on December 9, 2019