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These Bubble Tea Combos Will Keep You Warm In Winter – And An Exciting Giveaway By Gong Cha

Bubble tea during winter? Sounds crazy, right? But it's actually not. Bubble tea, also called milk tea is one of the oldest Taiwanese drinks. It is basically a mixture of black tea, syrup, and tapioca pearl. 

Bubble Tea is popularly consumed in cold. But, hey, this is winter, everyone would prefer something hot to quench the winter cold. 

That's why many bubble tea store serves tea that can be sipped hot. Some of them are the oolong green tea or the jasmine green tea used as a base along with nondairy milk powder for optimal winter enjoyment. 

So whether you crave for bubble tea during summer or even in winter, there's always a boba tea for you. 

That said, here are 4 bubble tea combos to quench your winter cold. 

Lavender milk tea

Love the sweet scent of lavender? This milk tea might be a perfect option for you. Be prepared to enjoy the warn fragrance of lavender with every sip. 

Would you not love to bring this drink home after a long, hectic day at work? You can find them in a Gong Cha bubble tea store near you.  

Traditional Milk Tea

What if you want to go back to those days of traditional bubble tea? Then giving the traditional milk tea a try for the winter would be a great experience. The Taiwanese black tea forms the tea base. The tapioca pearl forms the bubbles in the tea. 

Love some variety? Try it such the Taiwanese jelly. You'll definitely love this addition.  

Papaya Milk Tea

So the aim is to get some hot to quench the winter away. But, what if you can get a little summer flavor?

 You'll definitely love the fruity taste of papaya, especially when combined  with the lychee popping pearls. The excitement is out of this world. 

Earl Grey Milk Tea

It's no problem sticking with your every day bubble tea drink. The earl grey milk is perfect for anyone who wants to give the hot bubble tea a try, but don't have much knowledge with choosing different flavors. 

Although you can have this drink without the tapioca pearl, but you'll be missing out a lot on the fun. Either way, that's fine, since the goal is to push away the winter cold. 

You can place your bubble tea order at Gong Cha, a US based bubble tea brand. 

But that's not the only bubble tea to expect from their several stores in over 50 different states in the US and over 1300+ locations worldwide. Check out other flavors including different toppings like the pearl tapioca, pudding, red bean, and grass jelly toppings, as they mixes well with hot tea. 

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By Gong Cha USA

Posted on December 11, 2020