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Bubble Tea lovers in Dallas? 6 Interesting things to know

Bubble tea popularity has reached the Dallas community.
For instance, Sweet, creamy, and rich taro root blended with classic Boba tea for a colorful and yummy purple drink is incredibly popular all over Dallas in Texas.

Back then, Bubble tea was just a Taiwanese based drink. Only tourists had the chance to enjoy the tea.
As you know, bubble tea originated in Taiwan around 1980. Since then, its popularity has spread from Asia to the U.S and now Boba tea is ubiquitous.

Now, let's go over to 6 interesting things we'll love bubble tea lovers in Dallas to know

By their Tapioca we shall know them

Fact is you can judge a bubble tea store by their Tapioca quality. Tapiocas are generally chewy but a good tapioca must be soft and chewable between 5 to 6 times before swallow.

Your Tapioca is bad if it's hard and you have to chew up to 20 times before eligible for swallow. Again, if it breaks off after the 2nd or 3rd bite, then you're chewing an overcooked peark.

Gong cha's bubble tea store in Dallas, Texas ensures that all pearls are moderately cooked and refreshed every two hours.
You can gauge the quality of a bubble tea by their tapioca pearl.
Dallas can now enjoy variations of bubble tea
Milk tea, ice tea, fruity tea, coconut water tea- just name it. Boba tea in Dallas has sparingly evolved with different tea categories. As you know, the milk tea is the typical and most-consumed bubble tea type. Asian countries love the milk tea with tapioca pearl because that's their general idea of a bubble tea.

Fast forward to now, then came the ice tea with several fruit flavors. New flavors always come up every time. New exciting flavors are up in Gong Cha's new Soho store in New York.

Pro Bubble tea drinkers in Dallas dips their straw strategically

Do you just dip your straw straight down into your plastic? That's amateurish and you can have your tea leaked out from the hole. Here's how professional bubble tea drinkers dip their big fat straw:

With your thumb blocking the top of the straw, carefully slide your straw down. That's all, you're now a professional bubble tea drinker.

Taro milk tea is the way to go Taro milk tea is a sweet variation with more creamy body because of the added starchy taro root. Taro is specifically a purple-colored tuber popular in Southeast Asian areas. The Taro milk tea is widely known for its pastel purple hue.

First timers should go for the classic tea……or the ice tea Are you planning for your first visit to a bubble tea store in Dallas, Texas? Order a classic bubble tea with Tapioca pearl.

Additionally, on sunny days, you can choose a iced peach tea or the passion fruit tea.

Bubble tea is healthy and free from gluten

Rumors had it that bubble is healthy and that it is stocked up with artificial ingredients and excess sugar. That's some haters lie. Gong cha's bubble tea is natural, brewed fresh, and healthy. Some brands uses the powdered cream, but Gong Cha use a fresh unprocessed organic milk. You can customize your sugar level to either half sugar, full sugar, or zero sugar. You can also replace sugar with honey at the Gong Cha's bubble tea store in Dallas, Texas.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on October 2, 2019