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Where Does Bubble Tea in New York and New Jersey Originate From?';

Where Does Bubble Tea in New York and New Jersey Originate From?

Bubble Tea aka Boba Tea's original origins come from the “Chun Shui Tang” Tea Shop in Taiwan during the early 1980's. The founder - Liu Han-Chieh was observing how Japanese folk would serve cold coffee and applied the same concept but to his iced tea. Liu Han-Chieh also, claimed that while dabbling with tea - using cold milk and adding an array of different flavored syrups, fruits and tapioca pearls, he created Bubble Tea/Boba Tea. In the 1990's Bubble Tea and/or Boba Tea became really popular across different areas in East and Southeast Asia... Bubble Tea has many names asides from Bubble Tea and Boba Tea. Some of the other names often used for this beverage include: Boba Pearl Milk Tea Bubble Milk Tea Boba Juice Tapioca Tea Momi Milk Tea Q Boba Nai Chai Milk Tea Pearl Tea and a ton more! In 2006 Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey was established by Gong Cha, which happens to be one of the most reputable Boba Tea brands worldwide. In fact, Gong Cha in New York City and New Jersey holds the highest prestige amongst other Boba Tea brands and tea shops internationally. Gong Cha is well known in the industry and by consumers for its quality teas and impeccable service. Gong Cha Tea Shops were first founded in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Gong Cha immersed immensely into the Bubble Tea market and conquered it with their premium, quality teas and other products and services offered by Gong Cha in New York City and in New Jersey tea shops. Gong Cha in Taiwanese means "tribute tea for the emperor," which is an ideal name for such a highly successful and regarded brand, which caters and takes pride in their products and the services they offer to their loyal customers. The fact of the matter is that Bubble Tea has made its way into popular culture in the streets of New York City and New Jersey. Bubble Tea and/or Boba Tea is considered to be a street food. However, one of the very cool things about Bubble Tea in New York City and in New Jersey is that it’s bridging cultures as Bubble Tea/Boba Tea becomes more accessible to the public. Bubble Tea comes in an array of fruit flavors. You can choose from a variety of teas. Moreover, you can either take it with or without milk. In addition, you can also, choose the type of syrup you would like in your Boba Tea and you can either add jelly or tapioca pearls into your beverage. However, it is recommended that you try your first Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls, as the tapioca pearls are what made Boba Tea a complete sensation in Taiwan to begin with. Originally, Bubble Tea was mainly drank by school kids in Taiwan. Though, that is not the case anymore, especially in New York City and in New Jersey, with Gong Cha tea shops in the areas - where many adults indulge themselves in flavor filled Bubble Tea beverages. Bubble Teas are served with oddly, thick straws, which were designed to scoop up the tapioca pearls or jelly. Bubble Tea in New York City and in New Jersey happens to be one of the most popular teas in their tea shops, because Boba Tea at Gong Cha tea shops is well known for its great quality and taste. Gong Cha in New York City and New Jersey tea shops serve Bubble Tea with organic milk, homemade syrups and other natural and healthy alternatives, which will make your Bubble Tea drink extremely healthy, while remaining favorable and more than pleasant to drink. At Gong Cha USA located in New York City & New Jersey - customers can select the sugar levels they want in their Bubble Tea. Other Facts About Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey: Asides from tapioca balls you can also, add jelly, pudding or popping Boba. For Tea Puddings - the whole pudding can be blended into the drink, rather than adding a flavor. An essential part of Bubble Tea is milk. You can choose from an array of milks. Would you like dairy or non-dairy? Or you can add: Soy Milk. Almond Milk. Coconut Milk Lactose Free Creamers. At Gong Cha tea shops in New York City and in New Jersey you can be certain that you’re being served fresh, dairy products and not those out of a can, such as evaporated or condensed milk. At Gong Cha Tea Shops Pick Your Choice of Tea! You Can Choose From an Assortment of Teas - Which Include the Following: Green Tea Oolong Pu-erh Chai Black Tea and many more! Many of these teas contain EGCG, which is an antioxidant typically found in green tea, which boosts your metabolism and releases belly fat cells and increases the liver's fat burning abilities. You can have your Boba Tea entirely customized in a fashion that is entirely healthy. Check out Gong Cha tea shops in New York City and New Jersey, which offer the most healthiest alternatives to Bubble Tea and/or Boba Tea beverages.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on April 20, 2018