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Bubble Tea in New York- Have you ordered one for your kids?

Do you wish your kids have a taste of the popular Bubble tea? Do you want to know what flavor is best for them? Let's get started. First, let's talk about the bubbles tea.

Bubble Tea for kids- how does raw boba looks like?

Bobas are hard before you cook them. You'll need to boil in water up to 5 minutes to soften them. After boiling, your boba will soften and turn black/shiny which can be added to bubble tea! Boba comes in different colors if you love color variation. . Boba Tea basically contains a creamy smoothie blended with boba.

You have to sip a fat straw inside the plastic cup and suck up the bubble tea. That's definitely a fun not to miss! You can also mix the tapioca boba and fruit juice boba. Wish to serve your kids a special fruity juice?

Where can the kids buy boba tea?
There's a bubble tea store which started some years ago and got really popular faster. They basically sell bubble teas and some toppings variety. Fast forward to today, Gong Cha bubble tea store has expanded and reached over 50 states in the U.S. All thanks to the Boba Tea.

Strawberry Mango Bubble Tea for kids!

The strawberry mango bubble tea is only mango, strawberry, and milk. One thing we love about the strawberry Mango Bubble Tea is the flexibility to add other toppings, fruits, or even create a personal flavor.

As said earlier, you'll need a fat straw. Don't let your kids drink directly from the cup because that's what they may want.

Other popular flavors for your kids

With varieties of popular flavors, which one should you buy your kids? We'll recommend starting off with popular flavors. They became popular because of their high quality. The flavors include Honeydew, lychee, passion fruit, plum, and peach.

If you want your kids to enjoy a more savory bubble tea, take them to a Gong Cha bubble tea store. Feel free to choose your favorite including coffee, Almond, Ginger, Taro, and pudding-like custard, mango, chocolate, etc.

Your kids will love other flavors
Apart from the popular bubble tea flavors, you can still add the following fruits to make an amazing bubble tea. They include Avocado, coconut Cantaloupe, kiwi, grape, lemon, green apple, water Melon, and jackfruit.

Let your kids enjoy a healthy bubble tea

Boba teas are gluten-free and very healthy. Gong cha's bubble tea is natural, healthy, gluten-free, and freshly brewed. Unlike some brands which add powered creams to their bubble tea, Gong Cha uses organic milk. You can customize based on your choice. For example, you can freely choose your sugar level. There's the option of a full sugar, half sugar, or no sugar. And if you don't take sugar for health reason(or for some other reasons), Gong Cha bubble tea stores offer the option of honey. Just replace them with honey. Isn't that great?
Take your kids to the nearest Gong Cha bubble tea store today for a quick sip of the best bubble tea.

By Priya Navani

Posted on October 2, 2019