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Bubble Tea has Officially Become the Latest Craze in Texas!

It's official! Bubble Tea has become the latest craze in Texas... The folk from Texas just love to have some Bubble Tea with friends and loved ones. Bubble Tea via Gong Cha USA Franchise has touched the people of Texas in a similar fashion as Gong Cha Bubble Tea took the streets of NYC by storm... It truly comes as no surprise, as Gong Cha is the best Bubble Tea worldwide and it's primarily responsible for introducing the delicious Taiwanese beverage to American Culture!

With that being said, we're quite certain that it's safe to say, that this latest craze of Bubble Tea in Texas is a result of Gong Cha USA Franchise opening up its doors to an array of cities in Texas. Each city in Texas has embraced the gift that the Taiwanese drink truly is... and for this reason, Bubble Tea has become some sort of staple in Texas.

Boba Tea is a fun and tasty drink that brings a lot of joy to people, as Boba Tea is a super fun and delicious drink served with an overly large straw, that allows you to scoop up tasty, Tapioca Balls. You can have your Gong Cha Boba drink with or without Tapioca Pearls. However, we highly recommend that you give the Tapioca Pearls a try!

People from all walks of life are just simply loving and really embracing the many different types of Bubble Tea that they can choose from. Gong Cha Boba Tea stores have a large selection of Bubble Teas to pick from. Furthermore, if you wish to have your Boba drink custom made, that is not a problem at all.

At Gong Cha Bubble Tea stores in Texas you can get as creative as you wish and have your ideal, Boba drink served to you. You'll be over the moon with just how wonderful Gong Cha USA Franchise really is! This is especially true if you visit one of the many locations in Gong Cha Bubble Tea stores in Texas.

Check out the many Gong Cha Bubble Tea Store locations in Texas!

● 1 location in Texas - Houston
● 3 locations in Texas - Dallas
● 1 location in Texas - Carrollton
● 1 location in Texas - Katy
● 2 locations in Texas - Austin

Best of all, there will be two additional Gong Cha USA Franchise locations opening soon in Sugarland, Texas and another in Frisco, Texas, which comes to show just how much of a craze Bubble Tea has become in the State of Texas.

As you can see there are plenty of locations that you can visit when you want to have a cup of the very best Bubble Tea in Texas!

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on October 30, 2018