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Bubble tea Shop owners Should avoid these Customer service Mistakes

As a bubble tea shop owner, you're always looking for ways to improve your business. The truth is, the challenges of the "new normal" created by the coronavirus pandemic will outstandingly separate serious business from others. And to be among the 'few serious businesses' that make the course, your bubble tea store should start taking customer care seriously.  Here are common mistakes you should avoid; 

Not valuing your staff 

Your staffs are the most valuable asset in your bubble tea business. They play a critical role in deciding whether your brand will stay in business in years to come. Always value your staff and keep them happy, and they'll reciprocate with hard work and excellent customer service.  Today, customers are overly sensitive and majorly concerned about how they are treated, so keep that in mind. 

Not being proactive 

Like most businesses, many bubble tea store owners make the common mistake of not taking proactive steps until a problem arises.  That's when they begin to jerk their knees, looking for a quick approach to resolving the problem. Instead, always take proactive steps to solve an impending problem before it becomes the real deal. 

Not prioritizing customer needs 

Many bubble tea stores usually focus on the tea combo they want rather than prioritizing customer’s favorite.  It doesn't matter whether your store has the best bubble machines or serve the highest quality tea in Houston, if you’re not serving customer’s favorites, it's all a waste of time.  Confused about your customer's needs? Ask!  Send out emails and surveys to know their opinions. 

Not listening to customers

Anytime you request your customer's opinion, always be ready to listen. Spare some hours to review all the feedback you receive and decide what you intend to do with it.  This attitude also applies to your staff. Gong cha boba tea stores has an open-door policy where employees can provide suggestions and feedback. Be sure to listen to their opinions and do your best to work on it. 

Not personalizing your service

Having orders churned out quickly feels great, but overdoing it is terrible. Try to add a bit of personalization to your service. Give some space to know your customers, for example, their first name and favorite bubble tea combo. Give this a try; it'll make a difference - a huge one at that. 

Not fulfilling promises 

Always do what you promise to do when you promise to do it. Even with the current situation of things, be sure to keep your promise. If you offer a coupon program, don't deny your offer. It says a lot about your credibility. 

Keeping customers waiting 

The truth is, people are busy. No one has the time to wait. While the occasional rush is normal, it can be frustrating for customers to wait all day to sip bubble tea.  Always keep track of how long it takes to process your customer's orders. If it's taken too long, try to keep them short. It could mean recruiting more staff or getting more equipment.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on November 19, 2020