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Bubble Tea Vs Boba: Any Difference?

We've seen many people who drink bubble tea in New York and other places in the world argue about this question. Is boba and bubble tea different? The answer is no; they are not. They both refer to the same thing, which is the drink. To support our response, we'll go more technical about this and sort out the meanings of these famous names.

For clarity purposes, we'll refer to bubble teas as exactly, bubble tea.

People of all age and background gives popular titles or names to this delicious and savory drink.

Popular names of bubble tea

As the Taiwan-originated tea became increasingly famous among western cultures, including Asia and Europe, the drink starts to adopt several titles and names.

These many names can become confusing to some people as to which are actually bubble tea.

Below are a few of the famous names that bubble tea lovers use to describe the drink.

• Boba

• Pearl Milk Tea

• Bubble Tea

• Milk Tea

• Tapioca Tea

• Pearl Tea

If you find anyone referring to any of these bubble tea variations, remember that they are still talking about bubble tea itself and nothing else. Examples of verbiage from people who love to drink best bubble tea in Boston includes,

"Let’s go order boba today!"

"Have you sipped pearl milk tea today?"

"Where can I find the best bubble tea neat me?"

All the above variations of wordings all refer to bubble tea.

Over time, the culture of bubble tea became more mainstream, and people from different races of the world continue to throw several names around the drink, depending on their location.

On the eastern side of the US, many people call the drink, bubble tea and not boba whereas people on the western coast of the US prefer to call it Boba.

Sure, it can be confusing, but it's not! They all refer to the same thing.

The technical side of bubble tea

Are you a technical person and would love to have this topic outlined? Read on!

What is boba?

The term boba typically refers to the tapioca Pearls in your bubble tea.

For example, people can say, "what's your Boba texture like? Or “do you love boba pearls?"

Bubble Tea vs Boba

Overall, there's no difference or distinction between boba and bubble tea, or are there any decisions between them.

People are only interested in referring to the drink while enjoying the delicious beverage, not stress about what term to use.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think there's any difference between boba and bubble tea?

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By Priya Navani

Posted on December 9, 2019