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Bubble Tea’s Popularity From Across The World

If you take a trip down to Taiwan you can’t help but spot several unique bubble teashops in every corner of the city. As soda is to Americans so is Bubble Tea to the Taiwanese. With the widespread demands of bubble tea in the nation, one would typically think that it is a nationalized drink

Just like in Taiwan, Globally, bubble tea shops are coming to the limelight with United States joining the league. In 2019, large numbers of locations serve bubble tea in Texas alone.

Evidently, Gongcha, a Taiwan based company has up to 1500 locations from all across the world, including the USA and UK.

You may be thinking, “What’s bubble tea, when did they start and where can I find a bubble tea near me?”

Bubble tea (also called Boba tea) has been around for more than a quarter century and has earned a global position as a widely accepted tea. In 2017, the popularity of the tea-based fruity milk shoots off the road when it became accepted particularly in the west-with bubble tea shops like Gongcha reporting a huge boom in business.

In the last 6 months, visits to boba shops have skyrocketed to up to 25%, according to global reports from Foursquare, a location intelligence organization. A recent search of bubble tea NYC returned over 1500 results, including popular branches of the stores like Gong Cha. Kids, students, and millennial……there’s always a bubble tea for everyone.

Although bubble teas are typically based on green or black tea, to which milk, fruit jelly, tapioca balls, and fruit flavors were added, other alternatives are far from being a healthy option. In fact, some high sugar level bubble teas may be unfavorable to the health, unless if moderately taken (mid to low sugar level).

But, recently, cultural centers like California and the U.K have experienced a boom in boba stores. Gong cha, a popular franchise that successfully boasts of several stores globally is a notable brand.

Such store like Gong cha prioritizes the healthier living of the market, focusing their offerings on green, black, and oolong teas while testing out variants like tea/coffee blends, slushies, and other seasonal blends.

At Gong Cha, syrups are in-house made, tea is gotten from “high-quality tea purveyors”, and milk is organic.

In other places, pearl milk tea mash-ups are making waves, where love for flavors started from cuisines like Mexican hibiscus flower; cardamom, saffron, and rosewater for bubble tea with Persian flavor.

Whether it’s considered a tea or not, bubble tea has proved to be successful, popular, truly established, and excellently profitable.  


By Gong Cha USA

Posted on May 27, 2019