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Chinatown’s Tapioca Boom: Where To Find Bubble Tea In The New York Neighborhood

Bubble tea is nothing new in the Chinatown drink landscape, but the tea has recently experienced a wide boom.
In Chinatown, you'll see a long line of teens and adults in front of a bubble tea shop. Going online, Instagram, for example, is overwhelmed by pictures of bubble tea-sealed cup with chunky straws.
If you've seen a long line of adolescents in front of a store in Chinatown, that's Boba tea selling over there. Perhaps your Instagram feed has been overwhelmed by chunky straws and tapioca-filled, vacuum-sealed cups, that's a Chinatown boba tea addict online there.

Boba tea- consisting of flavored tea, usually mixed with sugar and milk, including tapioca balls at the base- originated from Taiwan, and has received attention internationally over the last 20 years.

How it arrived in Chinatown is a little less known. But we think the first bubble tea in the country came at the beginning of the millennium.

But boba tea has never been tastier, delicious, and yummy in Chinatown until now when Gong cha hit the community.

Bubble tea has had its freak in New York for the past decades. But recently, bubble tea in Chinatown have become teens favorite. Because of the photogenic nature of bubble tea, its beautiful, layered toppings looks attractive in plastic cups, people now call it a "worldwide tapioca boom".

You know bubble tea has taken over the mainstream when online enthusiast and YouTubers try to make some cash from the trendy drink. While tapioca pearl comes with different varieties of flavors, most Chinatown customers (even in most parts of the world) prefer to choose the sweet option. The milk tea version is their preferred option.

The sweetened option has gained much popularity that publications resolved to advise the community to slow down on the excess sugar content consumption.

Maybe boba tea isn't something to drink every day, but its recent boom has fueled different stores to offer the drink in the wonderful neighborhood.

In the Chinatown bubble tea space, Gong cha takes the lead. Ever seen high school kids sipping something from a big blue straw? Chances are they bought it from one of Gong cha's bubble tea shop. They offer one of the best bubble tea in Chinatown. They consistently get an appraisal from top websites and magazine. Although the basic bubble tea is incredibly delicious, you can still customize the tea to your taste.

You can get a bit more daring by choosing a delicious tapioca creation and peach tea. Although this option may be the flashiest, the best appearance is not the best taste. You can ask from the students crowding Gong cha stores.

Care for a Boba tea at night?
Gong cha stores in China Town open until 11 pm which means you can go sip your favorite Tapioca pearl without missing the last train.
Gong Cha has a big menu with varieties from strawberry flavored to green tea teas.
All drinks allow you to add tapioca, which boosts the deliciousness.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on July 18, 2019