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Facts About Bubble Tea In New York

With several varieties of delicious foods and drink in the New York city, bubble tea still stands out.

Although it looks simple, bubble tea in New York contains sweet, milky, and refreshing flavor. Below are four facts about the ancient Asian tapioca pearl!

The name Bubble tea doesn't come from the pearls

Surprisingly, the name bubble tea does not come from the pearls in the tea. It came from the bubble foam which forms when it's shaken. The pearl is popularly called boba or tapioca.

Manufacturers create the tapioca pearls through a process which transforms the starch from the cassava plant's root into a pearl form.

Ever since its first inception in 1988, Boba tea has taken over the world.

Different bubble tea shops have pooped up from all over the globe, from highly reputed brands to local stores. Brands like Gong Cha has been around for a while and making it big in New York.

We're definitely not surprised, given the huge profits owners can make from the business.

Making boba tea is simple and preparing the tea is not difficult as well. It costs an average of $4 and bubble tea shops in active locations can sell up to 1,000 drinks in a day!

In facts, boba shop in high traffic metropolitan communities can make profits worth millions of dollar! You can check out a few of our new york bubble tea shops near Columbia University in Newyork.

We hate to sound like party poopers, but you need to control the amount of sugar in your bubble tea.

A typical bubble tea cup contains sugars of between 45-55g alongside a calorie count of 340. That's an amount of sugar that's equal to up to 6 can of coke.

Not to forget is an incident that broke out in previous years, revealing harmful substance in the bubble tea of some brands.
However, everything is under control as stringent rules have been set to ensure that all bubble tea is free from harmful substance.

But, if you want to play safe, gong cha offers different toppings which you can add to your bubble tea.

Customizing your bubble tea orders

The endless list of the bubble tea menu can be quite confusing. Thankfully, for example, gong cha bubble tea in texas carefully laid out their menus in a grid containing sub-sections for easy personalization.

Gong cha customizes their bubbles tea with various types of flavor, milk, tea, and toppings.

Gong Cha, altogether has a different unique combination of boba tea such as the Gong Cha Milk + Grape Camellia Tea and Basil Seeds or the Gong Cha Milk and Calpis Cranberry Juice.

Another delicious topping is the Pop tapioca. It's something to try out. Pop tapioca gives a "popping" feeling in your mouth when you chew.

Make sure you head over to a gong cha bubble tea shop as you journey through NYC!

Gong Cha bubble tea shop is everywhere from their bubble tea Manhattan to boba tea queen. It's an excellent way to cool off in the sun.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on July 18, 2019