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Gong Cha Bubble Tea releases new Topping Heart Jelly

Today, Gong Cha is excited to announce and share with you their new topping. This new topping is a limited edition. This is going to want to be a special treat that you will want to try and enjoy. This wonderful bubble tea store is a unique gem that can be found in Gong Cha bubble tea stores. They have many locations in New York, Massachusetts, Texas and New Jersey.   Gong Cha is committed to creating the best bubble tea and its reputation is known all over the world. As one of New York’s best bubble tea stores, they are eager to be bringing you a unique new topping. This new topping is the heart jelly! Get excited as you can add it into your own tea creations.   As Gong Cha continues to uphold their high standards and brewing quality, they are delivering fun new ideas. The newest idea is this heart jelly! It is a limited edition. The best tea in New York is continuing to show their innovation. As they create new ideas it is important to note that their quality has not changed. As they work hard to brew fresh tea and bubbles every 4 hours, they also keep up with strict quality control and the finest ingredients for their bubble tea.    Here at the best bubble tea in New York they allow you to add some amazing toppings. One of the newest ideas is the new heart jelly topping. You can stop by and try this delicious treat which comes in 3 flavors.   

  • Mango Smoothie Heart Jelly – this smoothie is packed with sweet mango and a tropical touch. The red heart shape jelly can be found at the bottom for a wonderful treat.
  • Honey Green Tea Heart Jelly – this freshly brewed green tea has a sweet honey taste. The green tea gives a nutty floral note and pairs perfectly with the heart jelly.
  • Taro Heart Jelly – the traditional creamy flavor gives a classic sweet vanilla flavor. This is the most popular bubble tea flavor. Giving the classic combination and the new fun heart jelly, this makes the ideal drink. 
Gong Cha, which translates “tribute tea for the emperor”, is truly serving the best tea in New York. With the added new heart jelly, they are showing that they want to give the best and most creative ideas for the perfect beverage. This heart jelly will not last long. This is a limited edition! So, come in today and create your perfect bubble tea. You can add on many different toppings but do not forget to try the new heart jelly topping before they run out!

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on August 2, 2021