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Do Gong Cha Bubble Tea Shops offer Frozen Bubble Tea?

Do Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops serve Frozen, Bubble Tea beverages?

The answer to this question is: "It is all up to you…” The friendly and serviceable staff are Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops will make your Bubble Tea drink any way you would like to have it. They will custom make your drink of choice to your exact liking.

Furthermore, they have the capabilities of doing this, as all Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops are equipped with high end equipment, which makes it possible for them to prepare any kind of Bubble Tea that you desire.

At Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops they can achieve making any Bubble Tea you like - whether it is hot or cold, frozen or warm. You name it and they'll do it! Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops will most certainly allow you to get as creative as you want to be when it comes to Bubble Tea beverages.

Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops are stocked with a grand array have a of ingredients, toppings, flavors and lots more that you can add to your Bubble Tea beverage, which will make it all that much tastier!

In addition, if you really like Frozen beverages, then you most definitely need to try Gong Cha’s Slushes Drink Series, which includes:

  • Chocolate Caramel Slush
  • Matcha Milk Slush
  • Mango Slush

These are all, without a doubt - delicious! However, if you're looking for something else that's cold, delicious and more of a Bubble Tea drink, that's frozen, then you should check out Gong Cha's Creative Series, which includes the following drinks:
  • Caramel Chocolate Drink
  • Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean
  • Lemon Ai-Yu with White Pearl
  • Lemon WinterMelon With Basil Seeds
  • QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea
  • Mango Green Tea
  • Lychee Oolong Tea
  • Honey Green Tea
  • Taro Drink
  • Roselle Drink With Basil Seeds

  • In addition, to these creative Bubble Tea drinks, as mentioned previously, Gong Cha Bubble tea shops will create any Bubble Tea beverage that you want, at the request of your preference.

    Best of all, at Gong Cha Bubble Teas shops, all Bubble Tea beverages are prepared utilizing premium and high quality ingredients, to ensure that you are getting a Bubble Tea beverage that you’ll enjoy in all its entirety.

    Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops are 100 percent dedicated in providing the best Bubble Tea in the world! They manage to preserve the quality of their drinks by brewing all their different types of teas every four hours. Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops, also cook Tapioca Pearls every hours. You can be certain that you’ll always get a Gong Cha Bubble Tea beverage, that’s fresh, delicious and made only with the best ingredients.

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    Posted on August 23, 2018