Boba and Bubble Tea - Gong Cha USA

Gong Cha Franchise Cooks the Best Boba Balls in the Bubble Tea Industry!

Hands down - Gong Cha Franchise cooks the best Boba balls than any other Bubble Tea franchise in the industry. Gong Cha takes pride and is utterly committed in providing the best possible Bubble Tea beverages to their customers.

As you may know - Boba balls are one of the primary ingredients in Boba Tea drinks. In fact, Boba balls also, known as Tapioca Pearls are what make having a Boba drink so much fun, as Bubble Tea is served with particularly thick straws, so that you may be able to scoop up the Boba Balls.

For this reason, Gong Cha makes sure to cook their Tapioca Pearls every 4 hours, so that all their customers receive fresh, Bubble Tea drinks with freshly brew teas and Boba balls. It really doesn’t come as a surprise why Gong Cha Franchise is the most successful and highly regarded and respected Boba Tea Franchise. Competitors and customers alike, have a great respect and love for the fruitful Bubble Tea Franchise.

So, if you’re looking to have a Boba Tea beverage, which is served fresh, then you’ll definitely want to stop by one of the many Gong Cha Bubble Tea shop locations.

Gong Cha Franchise currently has various locations in the following states:
● New York City
● New Jersey
● Massachusetts
● Texas

The states listed above have several or more locations throughout the state, so you’ll have quite few locations to select from if you’re ready to try the best Bubble Tea in the world, which are made with freshly brewed teas and Boba balls.

If all this wouldn’t suffice, since mid 2018 - Gong Cha Franchise has one or more grand openings in different areas. The next grand openings will be in Frisco and Sugarland, Texas. With that said, keep an eye out for the announcement of these upcoming, Gong Cha Boba Tea shops, as they might just be in your area!

By Priya Navani

Posted on February 26, 2019