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Gong Cha gift cards – a perfect gift for the holiday season.

The holidays are around the corners. Gifts cards usually get a bad rap because many people (especially the receivers) think they are impersonal. But here's the truth: gift cards are the perfect gifts for holiday giveaway, especially for the tea-loving folks who are picky with their bubble tea combo.  If you're thinking of what to gift your family and friends who are bubble tea lovers, have a sneak peep at these five reasons Gong Cha gift cards are a great idea. 

They will love it for sure 

Gift card guarantees that the receiver will love what they get. Why? Because they will have the freedom to choose whatever combo they love. And on the other hand, you'll be relieved of the stress of selecting the perfect gift (most times what we choose doesn't work).  Gong Cha's gift cards are an ideal gift for in-laws during the holidays, especially when you don't know them too well. And even the picky people in your life. 

You're saving money, and time 

If you're thinking of buying bubble tea for many people, you can easily budget a certain amount for each gift card.  Not only are you saving money, but also preventing the usual arguments of who got the better gift (at least everyone got the same amount of money)  It also saves you the time it takes to shop in person. Just purchase the Gong Cha gift card online, and you're good to go. 

Buy a gift from the comfort of your home 

  Thankfully, gone are the days when it is compulsory to leave the comfort of the home to shop for holiday gifts. You can buy Gong Cha gift cards from their online store and personalized them with personal messages.  You can also email the gift card to someone - which is convenient, and the receiver can track the card. If you're always caught up in the last-minute holiday shopping, online gift cards can be a saver. They are an incredible gift idea for someone who doesn't easily spend money on themselves. And you'll save yourself the time spent waiting in lines and finding it hard to choose the perfect holiday gift. They'll save you from the hassle, and everyone will be happy, including your wallet. 

Gong Cha gift cards as a marketing strategy 

These gift cards can be utilized as a marketing strategy for upscale, to build brand awareness, boost sales, and maintain a healthy relationship with existing customers.  How? You can use these gift cards as a promotional product as a giveaway to the best customers who are bubble tea fans.  Gift cards do have no expiration dates. Gift cards do not come with expiration dates or extra cost for inactivity.  The receiver can use them whenever they wish. Not time sensitive! They can be saved for special occasions or whenever they want to take a bubble tea sip. What's more, gift cards are generally secured for purchase than any other method. 

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on October 20, 2020