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Gong Cha USA Franchise – The Most Highly Regarded of All Tea Franchises

Anyone in the United States or around the world, who knows anything about Bubble Tea, also, well known as Boba Tea knows that Gong Cha USA Franchise is the most accomplished and highly regarded of all tea franchises.

Gong Cha has gone above and beyond in making Bubble Tea beverages a staple in different cultures. Anywhere in the world, where Gong Cha has set up a tea shop it has had a remarkable and memorable impact. People from all walks of life and from different countries and/or cultures all seem to love Gong Cha Bubble Tea beverages.

For this reason, and many others, Gong Cha is certainly respected and highly praised by their loyal customers and people in the same or similar industry. It is impossible to deny that Gong Cha USA Franchise is the leading tea franchise not only in America, but in the world!

Below you will find other main factors of why Gong Cha stands out from all other tea franchises:

- Their exquisite variety of teas are brewed every 4 hours to ensure freshness.

- Tapioca Pearls, also, known as “Pearl Bubbles”, are also, cooked every 4 hours, so that all Boba Tea beverages containing Tapioca Pearls are fresh as well. (Having these 2 main ingredients in Boba drinks served fresh - guarantees a Bubble Tea drink, that’s absolutely delicious)!

- Gong Cha teas are sourced from the finest Taiwan tea estates.

- They adhere to strict quality control for all the ingredients utilized in their tea shops.

As you can see, there’s plenty of evidence that demonstrates how Gong Cha USA Franchise has taken the lead of all other tea franchises.

Gong Cha opened their first establishment in the USA in 2014 in NYC. They became such a hit, that just in NYC, they now have 18 tea shops in NYC that are fruitful and cherished by the people who love and have come to appreciate the gift that Gong Cha Bubble Tea truly is…

In addition, Gong Cha USA Franchise also, has tea shops in the following states, with several locations in each:

● New Jersey

● Massachusetts

● Texas

● And many other locations will be opening this month!!

This is just more proof that Gong Cha isn’t just not another tea franchise. Gong Cha Franchise USA is without a doubt, the best of all tea franchises!

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on January 17, 2019