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Gong Cha’s Bubble Tea Officially Hits Boston Like A Storm

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea that hit the town of Boston like a storm. You can easily notice them in open places like the kiosk at the mall or at the stand-alone restaurant. The build-your-own drink is now officially trending as the latest in Boston. People All over Boston enjoy having bubble tea with their folks and families. Gong Cha is Boston's go-to for a healthy, yummy, and delicious Boba tea.  People visit the Gong Cha bubble tea franchise in the street of Boston to catch the best fun.

Although, we are not surprised because Gong cha is the best beverage company in the world and it's the first to introduce the Taiwanese tea to people of Boston. With this, it's not exaggerative to say that Gong Cha is the reason behind this latest craze in town.

The community of Boston truly appreciate the gift of nature which boba tea really is.… and because of that, bubble tea has grown to become more than just the town's favorite tea but a culture.

Bubble tea is fun, tasty, and an enjoyable tea which brings a smile on people's faces as they get served with a very fat straw that allows a smooth scoop up of the yummy tapioca ball.

Although you can have your boba tea, with or without tapioca pearl, you'll be missing the real fun. In fact, people from all walks of life are already tripping into Boston to get their fair share of the bubble tea from Gong Cha. And their huge selection of bubble tea is always more than ready to accommodate everyone.

Additionally, if you'll love to customize the flavors in your boba tea, always feel free to request for your wish from staffs at Gong Cha's franchises.

Gong Cha bubble tea stores in Boston allows you to get creative with your boba tea before ordering. That's not a problem at all.


You'll be left mouth-wide open by how well you're treated over there. Customers of the Boston stores can testify to that. Feel free to explore one or more of the numerous Gong Cha Bubble tea stores in Boston.

  • 1 location in Texas - Houston
  • 1 location in Texas – Carrollton
  • 3 locations in Texas – Dallas
  • 2 locations in Texas - Austin
  • 1 location in Texas - Katy

Coming soon, are two additional franchises in Frisco, Texas and another in “Sugarland”, Texas.

Obviously, you now see that there are numerous locations in Boston where you can go sip your bubble tea. Don’t be left in the loop, visit a Gong Cha's bubble tea franchise in Boston today and have fun!!!

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on May 27, 2019