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Hate To Finish Your Tea Before Boba? A Guide To Drinking Bubble Tea

Does it feel frustrating when you notice that all the bubble tea in your cup has finished before the bobas? You're not alone.

The strategy is to maximize how you consume boba in every sip, i.e., chew the maximum number of boba while sipping a minimal drop of tea.

But, what's considered a "minimum and maximum?"

Based on assumptions, at the bottom of your bubble tea cup are layers of bobas that stack nicely on each other.

Dip a straw down in the cup of tea, and you'll find plenty of bobas already inside your straw. The rest of your straw up until the height of the tea contains tea.

You sip until all bobas fills your mouth, and stop.

After a sip, plenty is gradually reduced from your cup, while the many teas are still left.

Many factors can affect your overall drinking experience and decide where your no a can finish before tea. Here are they:

Cup Dimension

Your cup's shape may affect how well your boba can stick together. If you have a wider cup, the bobas can spread more and you take less boba per sip.

What's inside the cup

Of course, more tea means a higher chance of success.

The more the boba the less the tea space and the more the bobas to finish. An additional variable is an ice. While it stacks up some spaces, with time, it also melts and increases the volume of tea, gradually.

How you drink your bubble tea

Taking more tea in a sip or forcefully sucking the bobas or sipping the drink sluggishly until the ice melts can influence your result.

What to keep in mind

We recommend using a slim cup rather than a wide one. A slim cup will create a wide level of bobas, and you won't be able to catch the bobas easily.

Avoid adding excess ice

And if you must add ice, allow it to melt to increase the tea volume. Make sure you shake your cup before you drink to keep the entire drink cold incase you had dropped ice on the top and unstirred.

The downside is that your tea might be diluted.

However, you'd prefer a powerful sip to a weak one.

Powerful sips give you access to the bobas, while the weak one may only let you get the tea. Be sure not to get aggressive with the sip to avoid getting choked.

Where to sip the best bubble tea

Enter one of Gong Cha's bubble tea stores. They prepare fresh, healthy, and gluten-free bubble tea.

Unlike many brands that mix powered creams with their boba tea, Gong cha prefers natural organic milk.

Customers from all their outlets are allowed to customize their drinks based on choice. For instance, you're free to select your sugar level- from half sugar, full sugar, or no sugar option. And if you love to enjoy the sweetness of bubble tea without sugar, Gong Cha allows you to replace it with honey. Sound good, right?

By Priya Navani

Posted on April 15, 2020