Boba and Bubble Tea - Gong Cha USA

Have you heard of Gong Cha’s Milk Foam Slush Series?

This summer, Gong Cha has reintroduced its Milk Foam Slush series. This series consists of 4 drinks: Matcha Milk Foam Slush, Mango Milk Foam Slush, Strawberry Milk Foam Slush and Caramel Chocolate Milk Foam Slush. This series is a perfect refresher for the summer heat.  

Gong Cha strives to provide the highest quality tea. The Milk Foam Slush Series is catered to the summertime to ensure a customer can have the best tasting drink and be able to cool down in the hot weather. Over ten toppings are offered at the stores for customers to pick and choose from. This allows for customization and to enhance the customer experience by making a drink accommodate to an individual’s taste. 

The base of all bubble tea is green tea or black tea. The tea is then topped with additional items to create the new drinks. The Milk Foam Slush Series is a blend of the brewed tea, milk, fruit, syrup and tapioca pearls. Each drink creating a unique taste based on the ingredients added.  The Milk Foam Slush is a slightly salted cream topping above freshly brewed tea, which is blended to provide the perfect texture. The four flavors from this series each have their unique taste to ensure there is a drink for every customer. 

The Strawberry Milk Foam Slush

This blended beverage is perfect for strawberry lovers. The Strawberry Milk Foam Slush uses fresh strawberries to give it the extra kick. It is blended to the perfect texture and can have topping added on. 

 Mango Milk Foam Slush 

Mangos are truly summer’s favorite fruit. The Mango Milk Foam Slush is made with green tea, milk foam and mango, a perfect combination. This drink is sure to leave a customer asking for seconds and maybe even thirds. 

Matcha Milk Foam Slush

The smooth matcha is perfect for all the health-conscious customers. The Matcha Milk Foam Slush is light, delightful and refreshing. This delicious drink has a unique taste as it blends matcha and milk foam together.   Caramel Chocolate Milk Foam Slush Next up is the Caramel Chocolate Milk Foam Slush. A perfect duo for customers that like the sweeter things in life. This drink is sure to leave you wanting more. It has the perfect balance between the caramel and chocolate to ensure a customer is able to taste all of the wonderful ingredients.  Boba can be made in many different ways by adding on different ingredients. Gong Cha constantly adds new drinks and series to ensure this is a drink catered to each customer. What other drinks would you like added to the menu?

By Priya Navani

Posted on October 20, 2020