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Highest Quality Tea Products at Gong Cha Bubble Tea Shops

Without a doubt, Gong Cha tea shops in New York City, New Jersey, Texas and Massachusetts serve a variety of tea flavors that are of the highest quality. It comes as no surprise that Gong Cha USA Franchise is highly reputable and celebrated for their Bubble tea brand internationally. Gong Cha tea shops first became a hit among tea lovers, because Gong Cha tea shops introduced their specialty which is foam milk and they topped their tea based beverages with this foamy milk... Their foam milk is a mildly salted and creamy, which is used as a topping on their freshly brewed array of teas. The milk foam became such a hit, that people who regularly visited Gong Cha tea shops in New York City, New Jersey, Texas and in Massachusetts began to take notice of all the other high quality teas and ingredients that Gong Cha tea shops use to prepare their beverages.   Needless to say, this made Bubble Tea in NYC, NJ, Texas and Massachusetts even more popular, as tea loving individuals were satisfied with the fact, that not only were they having tasty beverages that they enjoyed, but that these amazing and delicious Boba Milk Teas were also, being made with premium ingredients - rather than with ingredients that otherwise are not very beneficial to one's health.   Gong Cha tea shops in New York City, New Jersey Texas and in Massachusetts became so popular that it was more than obvious. The tea loving folk from all these cities responded remarkably well to Gong Cha USA premium quality teas, products and their outstanding services.   The following are just some of the reasons/qualities that set Gong Cha tea shops apart from other tea shops in the surrounding areas in New York City and New Jersey, Texas & Massachusetts:  

  1. Gong Cha tea shops brew their teas every four hours. Be sure that every time you visit a go to a Gong Cha tea shop - that  you'll be served a fresh Bubble Tea/Boba Tea beverage!
  1. Every four hours Gong Cha tea shops cook their Tapioca pearls to perfection, which is yet another reason that makes Gong Cha Bubble Tea the best Boba Tea in New York City, New Jersey, Texas and in Massachusetts.
  1. Gong Cha’s different flavored teas are sourced from the most eloquent and reputable Taiwan tea estates!
  1. Gong Cha tea shops in NYC, NJ, TX,  and in MA adhere to strict, quality control for all their different teas and assortment of premium ingredients.
Gong Cha tea shops serve an array of Bubble Tea flavors and they also, serve Gong Cha coffee and slushes, which are also, enjoyed by many who have come to know Gong Cha tea shops well in all these different cities in the States.   Gong Cha tea shops in NYC, NJ, TX and in MA are known for their different series of beverages.   Some of their different flavored tea series and Bubble Tea series include the following:    
  • Brewed Tea Series
  • Creative Mix Series
  • Milk Tea Series
  • Mustache Series
  • Oreo Series
  • Panda Series
  • Tea Latte Series
  • and many more!
    However, Gong Cha tea shops most popular and enjoyed beverages are Bubble Tea drinks with Tapioca balls. Bubble Tea is a fun beverage to have, that's also, healthy for you thanks to the dedication that Gong Cha Franchise USA has in providing high quality ingredients, which are both fresh and organic in nature.   Gong Cha Tea shops does not take any short cuts by utilizing can based ingredients or ingredients that are fructose based and quite terrible for your well being. Gong Cha tea shops at the cities mentioned above take pride and are utterly dedicated in providing and serving their clients with only the highest quality ingredients available in the market!   The Creative Mix Series of Gong Cha tea shops is quite interesting, because it gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy yet unique twist on Bubble Tea beverages.     Some of the teas drinks of the Creative Mix Series include:      
  • Caramel Chocolate Drink.
  • Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean.
  • Lemon Ai-Yu with White White Pearl.
  • Lemon Winter Melon with Basil Seeds.
  • QQ Passion Fruits Green Tea.
  • Mango Green Tea.
  • Lychee Oolong Tea.
  • Honey Green Tea.
  • Taro Drink.
  • Roselle Drink with Basil Seeds.
  This is just to name a few… As you can see, the majority of these Bubble Tea/Boba Tea and tea beverages are comprised and/or accompanied by fresh fruits and other greens that have a ton health benefits.   For premium quality tea flavors and ingredients in Bubble Tea drinks - be sure to visit one of the many Gong Cha tea shops in New York City, New Jersey, Texas and Massachusetts!    

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on April 20, 2018