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In The Holiday Spirit – New Gong Cha Store Is Set To Open In Texas

Gong Cha, a popular and the best bubble tea manufacturer in the world is prepared to launch another new franchise in 11613 N Central Expy Ste 106A, Dallas, TX 75243. Although the date of launch is yet to be released, chances are the store will begin operation in a few days.  As usual, you can count on them for a special offer on their soft and grand opening. 

The new store is set to take the Texas community into another exciting bubble tea ride, just like other Gong Cha Texas stores do.

 Before we delve more into what qualities to expect from the store, here's a little reminder of Gong Cha history. 

A Little About Gong Cha

Gong Cha originated from Kaohsiung in Taiwan. The name was inspired by the term "Tribute tea for the emperor." Ever since inception, Gong cha has been serving the United States and virtually all corners of the world. 

They also have several stores in the United Kingdom and Canada.  The goal of the company is to maintain a consistent serving of fresh bubble tea to its customers. 

Gong Cha's bubble tea features different delicacies such as fruits, toppings and more. 

All Gong Cha stores ensures that they serve tea that are freshly and continually brewed within four hours interval. 

Gong Cha has anticipated the opening of tensurere. And thankfully, the store will be opening in no time. 

Gong Cha invested huge level of knowledge, finance, and expertise to make sure that the Texas community gets served bubble tea in the most conducive environment. The Dallas store is equipped with one of the highest quality equipment around. The aesthetic is top notch.  Not only is it a place to cool off to sip fresh bubble tea, but also to feed the eye with beautiful view. 

 There's a corner designed like a hangout joints where you can drink bubble tea with friends while having a chitchat. The interior also features basic amenities such as charging stations and charging comfort. 

The store also features a variety of tea choices, including the fresh taro series like mango popping with mango bubbles, Taro slush with Oreo, and more. You can also customize the drink according to your taste. 

  Bubble tea is more than a beverage, but becoming a trend in the United States. People love to sip boba, regardless of whether it's winter or summer. New stores keeps opening every day keeps great. every day. 

Gong Cha stores are always worth checking out. The  new Dallas store will soon open to continue serving community freshly brewed tea. Again, the store will be launching soon. And launching with special offers. Watch out! 


Gong Cha has declared a special giveaway for this Thanksgiving day! To become a part of the exciting promo giveaway, head over to their  Instagram page, their hate. Entry for this giveaway closes on Thanksgiving day. The giveaway is only valid in MA, NY, NJ & TX.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on December 11, 2020