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Introducing Gong Cha’s Newest Massachusetts Store in Worcester.

With over 1500+ stores worldwide, Gong Cha is excited to open its newest Massachusetts branch. This location is opening in Worcester and will be another addition to the worldwide brand. Gong Cha strives for the highest quality and best service, no matter which branch a customer goes to, while constantly expanding to more locations. Now, Gong Cha lovers within the Worcester area can enjoy their bubble tea at a conveniently close location. 

Gong Cha is the fastest growing beverage brand in Asia and continues to have a rapid growth throughout the world. In America, Gong Cha has been known as a customer favorite for all their boba needs. For that reason, new stores are opened every month. This month, the newest store in the Massachusetts area is 24 Southbridge Street, Worcester, MA 01608. 

There is a wide variety of drinks on the menu and Gong Cha is constantly adding more. The Milk Tea Series is a customer favorite. Mouthwatering, sweet and delicious are some terms used by customers to describe this specific series. There are also other items, such as: Passionfruit Green Tea, Lemon Juice with White Pearls, Mango Green Tea, Matcha Milk Foam Slush, and more! There is a drink made for everyone. The tea leaves are collected throughout the world to provide a perfect blend which ensures the best tasting beverage.

Just like all other Gong Cha locations, the new store in Worcester will have the same high-quality standards. The tea will be freshly brewed every 4 hours to ensure customer satisfaction. All ingredients are approved by the FDA and all stores are required to maintain the best hygiene, especially during this time. The Worcester store will not only serve great bubble tea, but will also provide amazing services to their customers. 

Due to Covid-19, Gong Cha is keeping in mind public health & safety rules. Customers are unable to pay in cash at the stores and are only able to use cards. While ordering their beverage, a 2 meters distance is maintained to ensure social distancing. This not only protects the customers, but also ensures that the staff is safe as well. All safety measures are upheld at the Gong Cha stores, including the newest at Worcester. Customer are also encouraged to take precaution by maintaining social distance and wearing a mask when coming to the store.

Instead of waiting in line, customers also have the option of ordering online. This allows a quick and seamless pick up for customers. There are also safety ambassadors at Gong Cha stores to facilitate crowd management and urge customers to order online ahead of time. 

New stores are constantly opening to reach the underserved locations. The Worcester, MA store is one of the many Gong Cha plans to open in 2020. This franchise is constantly expanding. To learn more about owning your own franchise, you can visit for more information. 

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on October 20, 2020