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How To Place A Bubble Tea Order

Ordering bubble tea should be as simple as ABC, right? Hop over to the nearest bubble tea store, smile at the barista while requesting for "bubble tea", right? Wrong.

All that does is to confuse the attendant the More. Going to a bubble tea store to ask for bubble tea is like going into a Chinese restaurant to request Chinese food. Bubble tea is categorized into different flavors, options, and even bases. This article will guide every beginner ordering bubble tea for the very first time. Let's start with the base!

Bubble Tea Bases

Bubble tea started in Taiwan as a regular beverage that serves the community. Today, some shops serve bubble tea in a certain base, but most shops serve them in a variety of bases.

The Bubble tea order process starts from the base, flavor, sweetness, and toppings. Let's talk more about the base.

Classic Tea Base

First off, there's the classic tea base. The classic tea base is available in different forms - forms like spices tea, tea blends, fruit tea, and even more. And you can find them, either hot or cold (many people sip the iced version)/

A classic tea base is an incredible option, better than juice or pop. Most bubble tea stores serve this classic base in different varieties of flavor.

Milk Tea

The second type is milk tea which is similar to the classic tea base. The only difference is the additional milk or cream. Milk tea is served, either as hot or as cold. Most bubble tea stores stock up the milk tea in varieties of flavor and combo.

The milk it contains gives it a thick, creamy texture which sinks well with the pearls.

Early Grey, Jasmine Green Tea, Roasted Oolong, etc, are some of the varieties of milk teas available in stores.

The barista can guide you on the most trendy drinks, its taste, and what to expect from each drink. That way, you can have a clue of what to choose.

Also, don't expect any fruity flavor with the milk tea.

Slush base

Next is the slush base. Slush base is popular among the younger folks. It is a fruit puree/jam, water, ice, and combined to feel icy - a perfect combo for hot days. Add fruity flavors for a more exciting experience.


And lastly is the smoothie. While it is similar to slush, the only difference is that, unlike slush, smoothies are made with milk. The blend gives a thick, smooth texture.

Taro smoothies are usually the most popular flavor in the US. You can try it out.


We hope this information will guide you on how to order your bubble tea. Be sure to figure out your desired flavor, toppings, and sweetness level.

Make sure you add pearls to any bubble tea drink ordered. That's it. You should be ready to place your order. 

Here's an important update - A new Gong Cha store will be opening in New Jersey.

Store Address: 340 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ 07041.

By Priya Navani

Posted on December 11, 2020