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Queens, New York – The Boba Tea Queens

Queens, New York - is now also, known as “Boba Tea Queens”. Queens, New York respectfully earned their nickname, as the folk from Queens truly love their Gong Cha Bubble Tea. Gong Cha has six Boba Tea shops just in Queens and all of these locations are always packing with Boba Tea Queens that can’t get enough of the best Bubble Tea in the world! Can we blame them? Of course not! Gong Cha Franchise has made the delicious Taiwanese beverage available to the world! Moreover, Gong Cha is committed in serving fresh, Boba Tea drinks, which are prepared utilizing the top end ingredients. Best of all, Gong Cha Tea shop staff members are dedicated in providing you with an amazing and memorable Boba Tea experience.  

At Gong Cha Tea shops you can even custom make your Bubble Tea drinks. You’ll always get exactly what you want, which allows you to have more control of what goes into your Milk Tea beverage.  

The Boba Tea shops in Queens, New York are no exception. Gong Cha Bubble Tea has been given the opportunity in Queens, New York to proof just how delicious a Bubble Tea drink can be. With their 6 locations around the city - Gong Cha has been able to reach and touch the hearts and taste buds of the people in Queens, NY and many have now become proud devotes of the Gong Cha Franchise, which has made them the Queens of Boba Tea.  

If you find yourself in Queens, NY - be sure to stop in for the best Milk Tea in the world!  

Visit any of the following Gong Cha Tea shops in Queens, New York and experience having the most tastiest and mouth watering Boba Tea in the city!  

  • New York - Queens Center Mall:
Queens Center Mall
90-15 Queens Blvd
Elmhurst, NY 11373  

  • New York - Flushing:
40-06 Union Street
Flushing, NY 11354  

  • New York - New World Mall Food Court:
New World Mall Food Court
136-20 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354  

  • New York - Rego Park Center:
Rego Park Center
61-35 Junction Blvd
Rego Park, NY 11374  

  • New York - SkyView Center:
Skyview Center
40-24 College Point Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354  

Any of these locations come highly recommended. After all, Queens is the riddled with Boba Tea Queens and this is because they’ve had the pleasure to savor in perfectly brewed and prepared Milk Tea drinks.  

Without a doubt, Bubble Tea is a must have in Queens, NY. However, in the event that you just didn’t know - Gong Cha Bubble Tea is a big part of the entire state of New York! Gong Cha has over 15 Milk Tea shops in the state and now thousands upon thousands of people in New York are devoted, Gong Cha Tea lovers!  

Gong Cha Franchise is now not only a staple in Queens, NY, but in the entire state and perhaps even the world, as Gong Cha have their Bubble Tea shops in over 50 countries! It’s no wonder why Gong Cha is so highly regarded in the Bubble Tea industry by so many even their competitors.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on April 9, 2019