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Reintroducing Milk foam slush series

Gong Cha reintroduces its unique milk foam slush series to esteem customers. You can find the series in four different drinks: the Mango Milk Foam slush, Caramel Chocolate Milk foam flush, Matcha milk foam slush, and strawberry milk foam slush. Stay refreshed in summer with this fresh series. This article talks about milk foam slush and its different series. 

Why the milk foam slush series? 

The goal of Gong Cha is to provide bubble tea with unbeatable quality.  The Milk goal series is specifically designed to cater to the summer heat and ensure that tea lovers can take a chilled sip for a refreshing experience.  You can choose from the available ten toppings at the store. This way, you can pick your choice and customize them according to your taste.  The black tea or green tea is the base of most bubble tea, which is topped with other items to create something new. The milk foam slush series combines milk, brewed tea, and fruit with syrup and tapioca pearls to create an excitingly unique drink depending on what is added.  The Milk Foam Slush is a little salted cream topping mixed effectively to give an unbeatable texture. As aforementioned, this series is available in four different flavors, each with its unique taste. You'll definitely find your favorite flavor. 

Strawberry Milk Foam Slush

Strawberry lovers would love this milk foam slush flavor. Strawberry Milk Foam Slush contains fresh strawberries to provide that extra flavor. It blends nice texture and can accommodate extra toppings.    Mango Milk Foam Slush Mangos are irresistible on summers. Mango Milk Foam Slush blend a combination of green tea, mango, and milk foam to provide a texture many tea lovers always crave for. This drink combo would leave customers asking for more and more. 

Matcha Milk Foam Slush

Okay, here's a perfect milk foam slush for health-conscious folks. The Matcha Milk Foam Slush is delicious, refreshing, and light. The matcha and milk foam blended on this delicious drink deliver a unique taste that you'll love. 

Caramel Chocolate Milk Foam Slush

And lastly is the Caramel Chocolate Milk foam slush. Anyone who craves the sweet things of life will love this. And don't be surprised when you ask for more. It blends chocolate and caramel to deliver a tastefully yummy drink that customer will love. 

Gong Cha's Bubble store updates

Bubble tea is available in a variety of flavors and ingredients. Gong Cha ensures that freshly brewed drinks are added to the series.  That's why the company keeps opening new franchises to serve bubble tea lovers from across the United States and Europe. There's a grand opening of a new Gong Cha store at the Long Island, New York, scheduled for the 25th- 27th of September. The grand opening will feature a buy one get one free offer.  Gong Cha's Plainsboro store in New Jersey is also open and ready to serve the community with freshly brewed bubble tea, including different flavors and ingredients. Feel free to make your way to this location for a delightful bubble tea experience.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on October 20, 2020