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Struggles Every Bubble Tea Lovers Can Relate With

Do you think of boba tea once you wake up in the morning? Do you spend a good part of your noon in a bubble tea store? Do you shell out a lot of money on bubble tea? If all this rings a bell, then you're a true bubble tea lover! That said, as a tea lover, we go through some every day boba struggle, let's take a look at them. 

Loads of options to choose from

There's a special bubble tea for every mood or every occasion. Hence, the reason tea lovers get overwhelmed with the many choices. Can you relate? A bubble tea lover won't mind to take the fresh taro milk before working out.  Bubble tea with tapioca pearl sounds great as an after-meal tea at your favorite store.  Want a lovely night rest? Then Jasmine green tea will do the job. In a nutshell, every mood and occasion has its perfect bubble tea combo. That's why a true bubble tea lover may be confused about what choice to make. 

The love for all types of bubble tea

Tea lovers love virtually all types of bubble tea. The thought of being able to drink any tea combo of their choice makes them feel great. Is it the Mango Milk Foam slush, Caramel Chocolate Milk foam flush, Matcha milk foam slush, or strawberry milk foam slush? It feels great. Since it's difficult to make a choice, they end up sipping just about any tea. 

Meeting a non-lover of bubble tea

Did you know what a complete day feels like for a bubble tea lover? Sipping freshly brewed tea at least once a day. Meeting someone who doesn't like bubble tea can be surprising. Suddenly, our life goal becomes how to convince these unlucky souls to give the magical tea a try. 

Obsessed with the health benefit of bubble tea

Apart from hoping over to Google looking for 'Boba place near me,' many bubble tea lovers spend their free time researching how bubble tea can benefit them health-wise.  Their common advice to anyone with a health issue is to 'sip some boba tea' Did you have a fever? Sleepless night? Headache? There's always a tea for every condition. 

Their passion for bubble tea is out of this world

Boba tea lovers start their day with at least a sip of bubble tea. It feels so warm on the lips, creating a sensation that they can't but fall in love with. It soothes the mind and rejuvenates the soul. Not getting access to bubble tea can make them sulk like a baby. 

Losing track of daily tea consumption

For bubble tea lovers, the day starts and ends with a cup of tea. Time, location, or weather has gone nothing to do with their bubble tea obsession. Bubble tea is one of the miracles nature has blessed us with. The taste, aroma, and warmth of Gong Cha's bubble tea are incomparable. Perhaps, you've not tried it yet; why not give it a shot.  As a reminder, New Stores opened up in September, and here are their locations:  24 Southbridge St, Worcester, MA 01608 (expected opening 9/9 or earlier) 10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536 (target opening 9/12) 2508 Queens Plaza S, Queens, NY 11101 (target opening on 9/14)

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on November 19, 2020