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Taiwanese Drink – Boba Tea Becomes an American Staple

By now even if you haven’t had your first taste of a  Boba Tea drink - it is more than likely that you’ve heard of the trending Taiwanese drink - Boba Tea. In just a matter of a few years it has become an American Staple, without a doubt. People from different parts of the USA have made Boba drinks a part of their lives; just as much as their coffee. It’s truly a phenomenon of sorts.

There are many Bubble Tea franchises in the US. However, Gong Cha Franchise is the franchise, which has gone above and beyond to not only serve their customers with the most delicious and savory Bubble Tea drinks, but also, to truly introduce the Taiwanese drink to American culture. Needless to say, they have succeeded.

For starters, Gong Cha Franchise has locations in several states in the United States with various locations in these states, which include:

  • New York City
  • Texas
  • Boston
  • New Jersey

All the states where Gong Cha has opened Boba Tea shops have received Gong Cha with open hearts and with an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm, which is abundantly undeniable in all of their grand openings.

Gong Cha first made the Taiwanese drink a staple in NYC and in Manhattan, back in 2014, when they opened their first location in Flushing, Queens - New York. Without a doubt, they were an instant hit. People from all over NYC went to visit this new Gong Cha Boba Tea shop and get their first taste of the most delicious Bubble Tea drinks in the world!

Gong Cha’s Taiwanese drink became such a big deal that today in NYC alone, Gong Cha has over 15 locations. So, if you want to try the best and the most delicious Bubble Tea drink, be sure to visit one of the many Gong Cha Franchise locations in the USA. You’ll surely become another person, who will also, realize just what a big part of American culture this delicious Taiwanese drink has become!

By Priya Navani

Posted on February 26, 2019