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Texas Locations

As far as bubble tea and boba are concerned, no one does is quite like Gong cha. Their carefully curated and developed recipes and dedication to quality ingredients are what define them as the very last word in bubble tea and boba. With destinations popping up left and right across the country and other countries as well, they are spreading the love of quality bubble tea to the world. Aside from other countries, the United States is becoming more and more saturated with Gong cha locations. From New York to New Jersey. They have 16 locations in Texas alone. Sixteen to be exact and soon to be seventeen. This month they will open the seventeenth location at Culebra Common 6626 W Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, TX 78254.

Texas, with all of its powerful heat and oppressing weather, is well suited for all of these locations. With it being summer and hotter than ever, there are few beverages as refreshing as bubble tea. It is lighter than soda, makes you less jittery than coffee, and is as refreshing as any iced drink on the market. Gong cha’s new Watermelon Series, which features watermelon smoothies, watermelon green tea, and watermelon matcha, is exactly what any parched person could ask for in a refreshment. Not to mention, you can choose from the wide variety of boba and popping boba. The variety is endless, with countless combinations. As big as Texas is, it is awesome to know that the general public has sixteen (and very soon to be seventeen) options to choose from as far as location is concerned. This newest addition will no doubt be a huge convenience for people who otherwise might have had to travel a distance to get to this incredible product and to people who may not know what bubble tea even is. Seeing as Gong cha originated in Taiwan, as did bubble tea, there is no other company that could more perfectly suited to introduce this unique and refreshing drink to someone who has never tried it before. There menu is already quite comprehensive with something for everybody. Now with their new Watermelon Series, they will absolutely have something for even the pickiest person with the most selective palate. I advise that you get there early before the line is out the door. By the time you get inside, you might want two drinks instead of one.

If you happen to be in Texas this July, you should check out their newest location and show your support. The more support they get, the more locations will open, and the easier their bubble tea will be for you to get your hands and lips on. If the new location isn’t close to you, then chances are that one of the seventeen locations will be. No matter which one you choose, you will only find the highest quality products that are always freshly made and skillfully served. This tea is their passion, and it is evident with every delicious sip.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on August 2, 2021