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Top 10 Popular Bubble Tea Types In Texas

Obviously, Bubble tea is hugely popular in Texas! Typical bubble tea has four basic elements including the milk, freshly brewed tea, flavor (or sugar) and toppings.

Without wasting much time, here are 10 Popular Bubble Tea Types In Texas. We definitely recommend the first two for that drinking bubble tea for the first time.

1. Classic Milk Bubble with tapioca pearl

Classic tea is the typical and the most popular bubble tea type. Black in color, classic milk tea is a sugar and milk powder mixture. Bubble tea lovers in Texas drink the classic milk tea with the tapioca topping. Tapioca is gotten from the cassava root with its starch rolled, cooked, and sugar/syrup added as a flavor. Most Texans love the tapioca pearl texture and in fact, their chewy quality is used as a criterion for a good boba tea.

2. Fruit Iced Tea

This is the safest option for Texans who are new to bubble tea. You can make them with any type of Tea. Instead of milk, Fruit iced tea contains flavor variations like mango,pineapple, green apple, passion fruits, and grape.

3. Matcha Boba Tea

People love this tea because of the endless health benefits that come with it. You can order your Matcha Boba Tea with almond milk and chia seeds. You don't need to add sugar. The chia seed provides an additional health benefit.

4. Thai Bubble Tea

The Thai bubble tea is typically sweet and made with evaporated milk. The vanilla flavored taste and orange look make it a really irresistible tea for lovers of bubble tea Texas.

5. Winter Melon

The taste and flavor of this traditional Chinese melon are usually confused with watermelon. Winter melon, when you cook them gives your drink a caramel flavor.

6. Popcorn Tea

Popcorn tea is a sweet combination of toasted rice and green tea. You'll get the popcorn-like flavor from the toasted rice.

7. Taro B

Taro Milk tea is Boba tea lovers favorite. You don't have to mind the ugly name of this delicious purple tea. The creamy-taste tea is made with taro root. Bubble tea lovers adore their creamy and cookie taste.

8. Honeydew Boba Tea

Honeydeww is a worldwide popular flavor. You can mix the flavor with tea and cream to prepare a hot drink. You can also blend them with ice for your ice drink.

9. Coconut Bubble Tea

This healthy, delicious drink is made by combining pure coconut water with fruit nectar and "topping".

10. Mousse Boba Tea

Texans, because of their adventurous nature loves the Mousse Boba Tea. The boba tea combines varieties of tea at the base with sugar and savory mousse toppings.

Texture And Colors In Tapioca

Bubble tea stores in Texas serves different tapioca sizes in their tea. Apart from the typical brownish-black color, Tapioca also comes in several colors like yellow, pink, white, or green.

Sources of texture in boba tea can also be gotten from ingredients like jellies made from aloe vera or coconut. These, and others, are why bubble tea in Texas became a popular trend.

By Gong Cha USA

Posted on October 2, 2019